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FlexAtThreads x Public holidays

Public holidays your way

Threads is a multinational company with over 200 team members spread across multiple countries (#humblebrag). We don’t all share the same public holidays, and some of us don’t personally recognise the event or festival our country is celebrating on that particular day. Perhaps your family lives in a different country, or your partner is employed at a company that recognises different holidays. WHAT TO DO?!

Official HR advice on how to relax on a staycation. Donuts mandatory.

Well, we’ve come up with a way to take back control of public holidays and use them for your benefit. From 1st May, you can request to “bank” your public holiday through the Hibob system. Just like a holiday request, your manager will choose to approve/reject your request based on the work activity. You can check Hibob for the list of recognised public holidays in your locale. You can’t, for instance, request to work UK-specific public holidays if you’re employed in New York, but you’re a smart cookie, you knew that.

But hold up, some of us get paid overtime when we work a public holiday.

Fear not! Now there are two options for bank holidays. Listen up…

Is it even a public holiday if you’re not BBQing in the rain in shorts

Option 1- Swapping out the public holiday

You ask Threads, OR Threads asks you if you can swap the public holiday for another day off instead.

Option 2- Overtime

Threads ask you to work an extra day, meaning no day will be given in exchange. Essentially you’re being asked to work more hours. This happens when the workload increases over BAU.

One more thing, we’ve made requesting time off in lieu (TOIL) and swapping public holidays much easier by making the Hibob self-service portal live, too. We know, we know, the excitement is almost too much.

Alrighty that’s pretty much a wrap. All you need to do now is take a look at your public holidays and get requesting! Anything after May 1st is where it’s at.

Until next week, BYEEEEEE XOXOXOX



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Kate Rand

Kate Rand

VP of People for Threads Styling, public speaker and Lead Trainer for the AgileHR Community. Putting the human back in to HR!